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The electronic cigarette is an innovative device that delivers nicotine by converting a liquid to a vapor. While quitting smoking altogether would be ideal, users of e-cigs can step down their consumption of nicotine and feel better about their health. By reducing the number of tobacco cigarettes consumed in a day, smokers can also reduce the risks associated with incinerating tobacco leaves. The evolution of e-cigarettes, with their added safety features are easier to use and provide vapors a more pleasurable experience over devices sold just 6 months ago.

Blue Cloud Vapes in Oldsmar enjoys helping beginners learn more about the health benefits of e-cigarettes and offers a vast selection of devices at a great price. We carry authentic and affordable name brand products along with a limited 14 day in-store warranty. Voted by the public, our renown customer service helped us become a “Top 10 Vape Shops of Tampa Bay”. Thank you Tampa Bay for rating BCV 4.9 stars on Google and 5 stars on Facebook.

A place to unwind

Blue Cloud Vapes is a retail vape lounge offering vapers a wide selection of electronic cigarette – brands for beginners to hobbyists, and affordable premium e-liquids. Blue Cloud Vapes has created a lounge atmosphere like no other place you have ever experienced, a place where people can relax and mingle with others with similar interests. Bring a date or meet someone new, this vape lounge affords comfortable spaces for intimate gatherings.

Need quit-smoking tips?

Drop by to learn how we can help you curb your appetite for cigarettes. Our staff will take time to explain the positive aspects of vaping and how you can take control of the amount of nicotine you consume without inhaling tar that combustible cigarettes offer.

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CDC Warning is to Blame!

SMOKERS ARE AT GREATEST HEALTH RISK AS A RESULT OF THE CDC’S SLOW ACTIONS TO DEFEND E-CIGARETTE USE Guy Bentley (Reason Foundation), blames CDC for previously misleading public warning on …