Blue Cloud Vape Shop

Take comfort in knowing, as a customer of Blue Cloud Vapes, you are getting, reliable products, purchased from consistent and dependable wholesalers.

For years, Blue Cloud Vapes has sourced our reputable vendors for consistent trusted brands you know and appreciate. We do not sell products purchased from unknown vendors from overseas or black market resources. My prices reflect the integrity of the products I sell to the public.

In fact… the Blue Lab Vapors brand is possibly the safest e-liquids manufacturer on the planet. They only use pharmaceutical-grade VG/PG, and organic nicotine. They, do NOT use vitamin E acetate, added sugar, water or artificial dies to enhance their e-liquids. You can always count on the Blue Lab Vapors brand of e-liquids to be the best quality I know to be on the market.

Have faith that when you shop at Blue Cloud Vapes you’re getting great quality products from, very reliable and consistent sources. My integrity is on the line and I won’t do anything to cut corners. So refer Blue Cloud Vapes to all your vape buddies for not only great name brand products but friendly service and industry knowledge. Currently, our Oldsmar vape shop has received more than 260 Reviews via Google! Most of which, include a 5-Star Rating and are a testament of what you should expect, when shopping at our vape lounge.

The place to unwind!

Blue Cloud Vapes is a retail vape lounge offering vapers a wide selection of electronic cigarette – brands for beginners to hobbyists, and affordable premium e-liquids.  Blue Cloud Vapes has created a lounge atmosphere like no other place you have ever experienced, a place where people can relax and mingle with others with similar interests.  Bring a date or meet someone new, this vape lounge affords comfortable spaces for intimate gatherings. 

Need quit-smoking tips?

 Drop by to learn how we can help you curb your appetite for cigarettes. Our staff will take time to explain the positive aspects of vaping and how you can take control of the amount of nicotine you consume without inhaling tar and ash that combustible cigarettes offer.